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thefolly_store is a Singapore based interdisciplinary collective .


Fann ZJ is the creative behind thefolly and turned to abstract art after taking Art as a subject for his GCSE ‘O’ Levels, because he hated being told how to paint. He believes that art is an expression and started off choosing the medium of acrylic on canvas to document his art and conceptualises each series into an installation .

He is an experienced, award winning educator with over a decade long history of working in design education . Leading a team of dynamic educators, he is also a certified coach whose purpose is to help others reach their full potential and believes in living by design .

in an ever growing complex world, the expanded world of the thefolly includes  -  


paint | write | design | merch 

just like an architectural folly, to strike up conversation with whimsical thoughts, thefolly_store explores the physical manifestation of the analogue vs digital . 

thefolly_store has curated and exhibited in both group and solo shows in the last 10 years and several artworks have found abodes in peoples’ homes and offices. 

not forgetting that a little beauty never hurt anyone . art comes in many forms, and we like to think our merch as everyday inspiration that is just as important as a visit to the museum or opensea for that matter . 


digital art  

with a digitised world, beyond hype and dips, thefolly_club documents thefolly_store's exploration of the physical in a digital realm, whilst keeping collectors connected, cutting through the noise of discord and twitter . 


coaching | live by design 
design and build your life roadmap through the coaching process . 

we are a little folly* 



1.1 lack a good sense; absurdity :.. 


1.2  architecture ...  a whimsical or extravagant structure built to serve as a conversational piece ... 

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(p) & (c) all rights reserved .
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