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the folly store is a Singapore based interdisciplinary studio that paints, writes and designs. Fann ZJ is the creative behind the folly store and turned to abstract art after taking Art as a subject for his GCSE ‘O’ Levels, because he hated being told how to paint. He believes that art is an expression and chooses the medium of acrylic on canvas to document his art and conceptualises each series into an installation.


Fann ZJ is a local educator, and enjoys the creative outlet of the folly store, just like an architectural folly, to strike up conversation with whimsical thoughts. the folly store has curated and exhibited in both group and solo shows in the last 10 years and several artworks have found abodes in peoples’ homes and offices. 

we are a little folly* 



1.1 lack a good sense; absurdity :.. 


1.2  architecture ...  a whimsical or extravagant structure built to serve as a conversational piece ... 

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