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coaching can support 

personal growth: gain self-awareness, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop new skills and habits to achieve your goals .

career development: gain support in your career aspirations, including finding a new job, advancement in your current role, or start a business .

improved relationships: improve your relationships by developing better communication skills and resolving conflicts in a healthy and productive way .

increased well-being: maintain a healthy work-life balance, reducing stress, and improving overall mental and emotional health .

better decision-making: its a process that offers a sounding board for your thoughts and helping you clarify your goals and priorities .

enhanced performance: improve your performance in various aspects of your life, including work, sports, or other activities .

increased confidence: develop self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to tackle new challenges and achieve your full potential .

place yourself in the driver's seat and steer your path .

the coach is in the passenger seat assisting you to get clarity on your destination of choice .

don't drive around aimlessly in the dark .  equip yourself with the right tools .

coaching vs  

mentoring: giving advice, insights and guidance, based on one's prior relevant experience . 

counseling: giving guidance and advise to work on one's past experiences that are manifesting into current problem/s and issue/s.

therapy: relief of psychological issues involving emotional healing / relief from mental pain stemming from past experiences .  


coaching is

a partnership: it takes two to dance, we focus on the coachee

reflective: be prepared to look inwards 

empowering: we build awareness to empower

forward looking: we focus on growth and change for the future 

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