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Who's thefolly_coach


Purpose Statement 

To help, improve, educate and empower people with awareness and choice to convert toil to play, to reach their full potential. 

Coach ZJ 

Fann ZJ is the creative behind thefolly and is an experienced educator with over a decade-long history of working in design education. He believes in paying it forward as he benefited immensely from tutors and mentors who gave him insights and motivation to turn toil to play. 


Coach ZJ has a wealth of experience in mentoring and coaching youth and educators and is a Catalyst Certified Coach .  He is a mentor to student leaders in the Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) as well as youth transiting into their professional careers under the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Scheme (SIDAS). 

Curate your own unique self-development programme with Coach ZJ to gain insights to yourself. Identify your values, your communication or leadership style to live by design! 

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Coach ZJ brings an inquiring mind and a kind heart. He has helped me to understand my deeper challenges and challenged me to very practical next steps. I enjoy being coached by ZJ as he creates a safe & welcoming space for our conversations. He brings a unique perspective and insight that has greatly helped me!" 

 - Wayne Sim (2022) 

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