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Utopic Dystopia | 2022

What does seeking utopia in a COVID-19 dystopia look like?

What new voices are created through the Pandemic Years?


“Surrounding myself with beauty is a way of coping.” 20/4/2020 2216hrs



First presented as lockdown editionUtopic Dystopia is made up of three series of works -


Gathering Clouds | Acrylic on Canvas 

Ever wonder what happens when clouds meet? Each storm has its own unique tempo. A start, a climax and the passing. Intensifying or stopping in its own time, at its own will. No one can predict nor stop a storm.


Beyond the rainbow | Acrylic on Canvas

Documents the emotions, expectations, fear, hope and beauty of an unprecedented period.


Daily Addictions | NFT*

Retuning to the form of sketching and doodling, Daily Addictions celebrates the act of manual drawing translated into a digital form.

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raining blue_in plan

2019 90x90cm acrylic on canvas

raining green_in elevation

2019 90x90cm acrylic on canvas

raining red_in elevation

2019 90x90cm acrylic on canvas

storm clouds

2020 series of 4 50x50cm (each) acrylic on canvas

Passing Clouds

2020 120x120cm acrylic on canvas


2021 series of 2 50x50cm (each) acrylic on canvas

diary_my memories

2021 120x120cm acrylic on canvas

exhibition | preview
exhibition | preview
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